MLM Advertising – Three Underground Direct Response MLM Advertising Tactics – Get Tons of Traffic

MLM Advertising: three Secret Direct Response MLM Advertising Tactics to increase the amount of Targeted Traffic, Leads and Sign-ups in Your MLM Business…I recently wrote an article entitled “MLM Advertising: 3 Free MLM Advertising Strategies to Increase Traffic, Leads and Sign-ups in your Network Marketing Business.” In this article I revealed three really remarkable free strategies that you can use to promote your MLM business. While free strategies are good they tend to take a little longer than other methods to see the big results.In this article, I will outline three outstanding direct response MLM Advertising methods that can start generating leads as quickly as today.Direct Response MLM Advertising Method 1: PPV (Pay Per View)With PPV Direct Response Advertising, you pay a minimal amount every time someone checks out your website. Unlike PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) where people click to land on an advertiser’s website, PPV pops up a window right in front of the viewer’s eyes. This is an INVASIVE, In Your Face form of marketing that garners big results if done accurately. Interestingly, Millions of people worldwide have opted in to being shown advertisements in the form of popup windows. Two illustrations of services that people opt into are and few examples of PPV networks are.Zango
CPVMarketplaceDirect Response MLM Advertising Method 2: Cell Phone (Text messaging Advertising)This technique includes making use of the text and apps element of cell phones to send direct ads to individual’s cell phones. I-phone users download free apps on their phones and in turn allow the app maker to show ads on their phones. Advertisers pay every time a user clicks their ad.A few stats that make this an remarkable choice:* At present over 61% of the World population uses a cell phone on a regular basis.* More people have a cell phone than have a television, computer, internet or anything else you can think of!A great example of a network that you can advertise in this medium on is Admob.Direct Response MLM Advertising Method 3: PPC (Pay Per Click)PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is by far the most liked of the three techniques summarized here. With this technique you can put an ad on the search engines or on related websites and pay only when someone clicks on your add. Google AdWords is the most liked site followed by Yahoo search and MSN(Bing). This is a wonderful way to promote and will get you traffic almost immediately but it can be very pricey if you do not know what you are doing. If you do decide to pursue PPC marketing, be sure to pick up some training material on the topic from someone who has a proven success record using this strategy for MLM Advertising.There are many resources that are available to you where you can get specific information on how to put into action the above tactics.